November 2016

Dear Bright Minds Families,


Juelz 11/26

Please remember that we will be closed on November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving Holiday.


We are extremely excited to roll out a new software that will be implemented this month.  Some very good changes will be taking place once we roll out this child care management tool. 

*Time Clock – We are awaiting the delivery of a new time clock.  This will be the new way that each parent will sign their child in and out.  It will be more convenient and accurate.  From my understanding, each parent will be assigned a pin.  It will be the same pin even if you have more than one child.  Once you enter the pin, you will choose the child you want to sing in or out…it’s that simple!  No more writing your name or having to check the time and flip pages if you have children in different classrooms.

*Rapid Tuition – Parents will now be able to make electronic payments.  We can set up account/credit card information in the system and process it each Monday morning.  This is somewhat like autopay, except Sue will be able to go into each child’sfolder and submit payments  on your behalf.  This will mean less time filling out payment envelopes, etc.  If, on a specific week, you would like to use a different method, that will be fine since the software does not pull the money out automatically, but rather we have control over submitting payments.  No more late fees because your child was absent on a Monday or worrying about forgetting to run to the ATM!

*Other benefits and features -  This software will automatically track physicals, shot records, and forms that need to be updated along with many more benefits that we look forward to passing on to our parents. 

Once we have all the software and hardware, we will provide each parent with a more detailed memo about Child Care Manager.

PRESCHOOL:  On the Go is our November curriculum.  Parents of our preschool kids will receive a newsletter this week with what your kids will be working on this month.   It’s a fun filled month learning about transportation such as planes, buses, boats, trains, etc.   

SCHEDULES: Our staff is inundated with so much work each day.  We ask that if you are a parent with a rotating schedule, you DO NOT call it in and make it our responsibility to pass the information along but rather you email your child’s teacher directly.  We really appreciate your help with this. 

SUPPLIES:  Cold season is here; any donations of hand sanitizer and tissues are greatly appreciated!  As always, the best way to stop the spread of germs is to keep your child home while they are sick.

Have a great month and thank you for allowing us to care for your children!




You Look Like God!

Genesis 1:26–31

Additional Scripture Readings:
Psalm 139:13–14; Colossians 3:10

A mother tends to define herself most easily in terms of externals. I am
what I do. I am what others need me to be. I am what I accomplish. While
these descriptions are true, they are incomplete. They overlook the
vital fact that we are made, inside and out, by God. We are shaped after
his image. When we gaze into the mirror of God’s Word, we find
that God has stamped on our being a reflection of his character, his
essence, his being. That is not to say we are mini-gods in any sense.
But just as children reflect the physical, mental and personality traits
of their parents and even adopted children share the mannerisms and
habits of their adopted families, so we who are fashioned by God
manifest elements of his character in our beings.